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Linking /usr/doc->/usr/share/doc

	I was told that dpkg did not install through a symlink, so I had
to test it. I had done something similar in a Debian Machine whose /usr
filesystem got full before, so I tested it on a slink machine with dpkg

	I first mv'd /usr/doc /usr/share/doc then  
	ln -s'd /usr/share/doc /usr/doc
	I dpkg'd --purge a package and its /usr/doc directory got removed
	I apt-get'd install it again, and there it was, the /usr/share/doc
	entry, both trough the symlink.

	So, what is the problem on using dpkg trough a symlink? Specially
when it is /usr/doc ? I agree that making this move in a upgrading-system
is not simple, because moving an entire directory tree is not a simple task
(without running the risk of losing part or all of /doc).


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