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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

> programs and:
> (i) try to show the users that we have a free software equivalent that is
> as good (or better) technically as the program in question. E.g., mutt vs.
> pine;
> or
> (ii) support (really) the development of such equivalent software.
> I know this is a bit vague, and somewhat difficult to attain.  But
> just saying that "Debian is 100% free software" while distributing
> pine, even if we say that "the non-free directory is not part of Debian",
> is a bit hypocritical.
Yes ! Excellent ! But have you an idea of which alternative to Netscape we
can sho to the users !!!!!

Lynx		: Hum... doesn't support flash 3, img in directly in the page...
Arena		: I prefer lynx..
express		: If we can call it a browser
gzilla		: as unusable as express
chimera2	: like Arena
mmm		: only html 2.0 compliant
mosaic 		: not better than Arena and chimera2
w3-el		: too fast ! Doesn't support frames....

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