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Re: ipx misconfigured (Was: ncpmount must be installed suid root)

Andreas Tille writes:

 > > before I post a bug report I'd like to ask a question here:
 > > Yesterday I upgraded to kernel-source-2.2.9-2.  I used my
 > > slink ncpmount successfully with this new kernel.  After
 > > upgrading to potato I've got
 > > 
 > > ~> ncpmount -S mluphys2 -U tille /home/tille/.novell/N
 > > ncpmount must be installed suid root
 > > 
 > > Also 
 > > #> chmod +s /usr/bin/ncpumount
 > > 
 > > doesn't change this situation.
 > > 
 > > Did I something wrong or it is an packaging error?
 > I found a workaround:
 >     ipx_configure --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on
 > as described in the ncpfs readme worked, but:
 > What has changed in the ipx interface that it doesn't work anymore
 > like in slink?  What do I have to do to get it working after reboot?

On my network that creates lots of collision messages of the type:
IPX: Network number collision 2
        eth0 802.3 and eth0 802.2
I found a way to work around it by adding these two lines to the end
of the start section of /etc/init.d/ipx:
                ipx_configure --auto_interface=off
                ipx_interface del eth0 802.2
Perhaps something needs to be done about it in a more structured way.

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