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ITP several command line parser generators

I intend to package these four command line parser generators.  All
are covered by the GNU GPL or LGPL.

	    - Jim Van Zandt

Bruce Korb <korbb@datadesign.com>

This is Autogen, an automated text file generator.  It was inspired
out of frustration and hassle with maintaining syncronization between
option flag lists, global variables and usage information.  The desire
for more than #define macros came about when it became apparent that
macros alone were insufficient for reducing the maintenance into a
single option list.  The impetus to actually start something finally
came when I had to maintain a large callout procedure table and
associated lookup tables.

 Include AutoOpts, for handling program options (options file,
environment, command line, separate file, options file update).
Supports C programs and sh scripts.

Roberto Arturo Tena Sanchez <arturo@directmail.org>

 accepts a description file and writes a main.c skeleton, including help.
 uses getopt_long().

gaa (GNU Argument Analyser)   
Joran MAILLE <joran@writeme.com>

        GAA simplifies the life of the programmer : you don't have to
worry about the arguments given to it ! A short text written in GAA
language generates C-code which analyses the arguments and creates your
program's help.
 generates plain C code - does not use getopt.

Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars@larsshack.org> 

WYG (Where's Your Grammar?) is a tool that automates the use of lex,
yacc, and getopt_long to create a front-end for your projects that can
be configured from files or via the command line.

 output includes getopt() and getopt_long() code.

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