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md5sums and system integrity

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*integrity*, *not* *security*, dammit

I have the sinking feeling that some people in this forum have a hard
time understanding the distinction.

Virtually no-one wants md5sums of the files in a .deb for *security*
(as in guarding against cracking).  We'd like (we want) those md5sums
for checking system integrity (as in guarding against accidential
file/system corruption).

I admit I'm on of that pack... for two reasons:

  1. Some packages (many?  Haven't checked) already have a file with
     the md5sums in the package already.

     So... why not make it consistent over all the packages?

  2. I recently had some trouble with fetchmail on my laptop.  If
     there had been a file of md5sums, I could have checked for a
     corrupted binary quickly and easily.

     I later found the problem was fetchmail barfing when it sees '-v
     -v' as options (though the docs mentio this :-(  but still.

So... where's the problem?

Bye, J

PS: I guess there's still gonna be folks replying to this with "but
md5sums are useless for system security"... *sigh*

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