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Swirl Theme: The Next Generation (aka. Swirl for Fvwm2Gnome)


Recently, It was my pleasure to note that there really is an excellent 
desktop theme featuring the new Debian logo, the Swirl.

However, I was not exactly thrilled about the fact that the theme was
for WindowMaker. There is but one true window manager compared to
which every window manager pales (and, as anyone has guessed, it's the
one window manager *you* use), and that window manager, in my case,
would be FVWM2, and the great and most excellent Fvwm2GNOME package
that makes the theme work a fun activity for the whole family.

So, I'm a mad thememaker and everyone has guessed what mad thememakers 
do when there is a good inspiration to make a theme, I took the
background image, and started working on a new theme. I already had
the background; I just needed a banner, window decorations, panel
background and panel tiles. Piece of cake.

After one evening of work, the theme is already in an acceptable form,
and it indeed seems to look like a theme. In fact, it works. That's
something I didn't quite expected to see; Either the theming is easier
than I thought, my Long Engineered(tm) template rules like no tomorrow
or there's some unknown factor in this mess, for I did Highly
Unacceptable (read: loony) things with some stuff and exited GIMP once
with tons of images open and unsaved...

Heck. It's there, you can use it.

It doesn't look exactly like the WM theme; I noticed that having red
background on titlebars would have made my eyes bleed, and I
actually felt like putting more or less cool pixmaps to the title

So, screenshot for the interested (from my very own desktop with the
obligatory #gimp session underway with me saying nothing relevant, as
you can see again. =) :
The theme package itself:

Note that this thing is not advertised anywhere on my site, because I
uploaded the darn thing only a few minutes ago. I foolishly happened
to promise to publish it yesterday in #debian, even when my quota use
is nearing its heights... Good that it fitted in that small space.

[PS: To follow the free-software spirit of Debian, I kindly declined
of the use of xv to load the background image. xloadimage will do the
job just as well... =) ]

      - Weyfour WWWWolf, Debian preacher and developer-to-be (I hope)

Weyfour WWWWolf (a.k.a. Urpo Lankinen), just another lupine technomancer
<wwwwolf@iki.fi> <URL:http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/> ICQ:4291042 -==(RGRNCA)==-

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