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Re: info: can we add a way to get the default path?

Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> wrote:

>>  2) A magic token, that if put into the INFOPATH expands into the
>>     default path dynamically.  Something like this:
>>        export INFOPATH=/usr/local/XXX:@@DEFAULT_PATH@@

> I suggest we adopt your solution #2 in this form: make a leading or
> trailing or doubled colon expand into the default path. That's what
> I did for tex/web2c/kpathsea many years ago and I haven't had any
> complaints about it.

But there is one big problem with this: It has to be implemented in
every program using info files:
- info
- tkinfo
- emacs19, emacs20, xemacs20, xemacs21
- pinfo
- info2www
- gnome-info2html
- ...

I think, that it would be a better idea, if we could provide a generic 
way to configure the INFOPATH which could be used by all info
programs. Maybe something like /etc/manpath.config in combination with 
a program like manpath(1), which can be called as 
        export INFOPATH=`infopath`
        setenv INFOPATH `infopath`

And this can simply be extended to
        export INFOPATH=`infopath`:/usr/local/foo/info

on a per user basis or by changing /etc/infopath (or whatever it is
named) on a system wide basis.

This would give cgi-scripts like info2www a better chance to be
flexible, because this has it's INFOPATH hardcoded in the script at
the moment.



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