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Experimental Python packages

I have prepared a new revision of Python packages. I would have
uploaded them to master, but I'm running into problems with dpkg
upgrading (apt seems to work fine).

The packages are available via http:


apt should also work:

  deb http://www.debian.org/~flight/python ./

Note that you won't be able to upgrade using dpkg unless you first
remove python-curses and python-bsddb. apt should work anyway.

The problem is that I have removed two packages (python-bsddb and
python-curses), making python-base provide/conflict/replace them, but
dpkg fails to upgrade: Whatever package is mentioned second in the
fields, dpkg won't remove, while the first is no problem.

I guess this is one of dpkg's thousand unfixed bugs, but is there any
workaround to this problem ?


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