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Re: Phill are you out there??

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Andrew Richardson wrote:

> This IS a developement question, in a round about way. Sorry for using
> this as a means to get in touch but I cannot get into contact with
> **Phillip R. Jaenke**
> So if your out there Phill can you e-mail me. I have rs/6000's and am
> willing to develope the linux kernel. If your not going to continue with
> the project Phill can I have  what you've done already??


Erf. I've emailed you. It's either taking AGES to get through, or just not
getting through. I haven't gotten any bounce notices, so I don't know
what/where is going wrong. 

BTW, I almost forgot.

Folks, my work email is going to be changing VERY *VERY* shortly. (Yes,
I've got the mailing list stuff under control myself.) Those of you who
need to get in touch with me pronto during a weekday, or need to get in
touch for sure at all, *PLEASE* email pjaenke@nexbell.com. Do NOT email
prj@unicent.com or pjaenke@unicent.com. And the ObShamelessPlug: visit the
website on the webserver I built. http://www.nexbell.com/ :)  Now if only
Verio didn't suck so much. ;P


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