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RE: Editor and sensible-editor

When I started using Debian, I was also a little startled at not having

Then I learned about joe (which provides a pico emulation via the command
'jpico'), and all was happy in the universe.

It would be nice if joe could be a main editor.

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At 07:48 AM 6/14/99 -0500, Adam Rogoyski wrote:
>On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Joseph Carter wrote:
>> Not even.  pico CANNOT be packaged for Debian!  The best that can be done
>> is offer the source and let you build it yourself.
>> To be blunt:  Tough.  Convince UW to make pico free software and get it
>> into main, then convince people that it needs to be installed as part of
>> the base system.  Then we can talk about adding it as a panic option.
>   The copyright for Pine and Pico has been updated on June 2nd and seems
>less restrictive, http://www.washington.edu/pine/overview/legal.html.
>Does it still fail the Debian Free Software guidelines?

Definetly. "Redistribution of this release is permitted as follows, " where
as follows is not pretty much anything is not DFSG. It's not clear to me 
whether Debian can distribute modified binaries, though, which is one of
the big questions.
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