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Intent to package "vivid" (was Re: An 'ae' testimony)

pfaffben@msu.edu (Ben Pfaff) wrote:
>Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> writes:
>   Anybody have better suggestions?
>Someone write a tiny editor that has reasonably good vi, emacs, and
>CUA keybindings?  Possibly using hardcoded VT100 sequences rather than
>even slang, for size.  This editor would be specifically for the
>I'd volunteer but I've got too many projects as it is.

I also have too many projects, but over the last week or so, I've
thrown together (most of) a little tiny editor which I called VIVID.
(I came up with the name while I was planning for it to be a vi clone.
It might still turn into one...)

So far, code is in place to parse input control key sequences, display
the file being edited on the screen, start up and shut down, and load
and save files.  I haven't yet implemented scrolling, editing, or any
commands, so you can't use it for anything useful yet, but with a stripped
binary size of less than 10K, you can't have everything. ;)

I aim to finish it off over the next week or so, and I hope not to
have the binary grow to more than about 15K.  BTW, it doesn't need any
libraries other than libc.  It's hardcoded to use VT102-style codes,
and I'm trying to have it work reasonably in xterm and xvt, as well as
on the console.

You can find it at <URL:http://master.debian.org/%7Ecpbs/vivid/> if
you're interested in taking a look.


Charles Briscoe-Smith
My web page: <URL:http://www.debian.org/%7Ecpbs/>
PGP public keyprint: 74 68 AB 2E 1C 60 22 94  B8 21 2D 01 DE 66 13 E2

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