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Re: ITP: xslj, a XSL processor (XSL is one of the stylesheet format of XML)

In message <199906122050.WAA02605@ludwigV.sources.org> you wrote:
>I plan to package xslj. xslj can be found at <ftp://ftp.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/pub/XSL
>J/> and is a XSL processor. XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) is one of the 
>several proposed stylesheet formats for the XML (eXtensible Markup language) 
>data description language.

This is the one from Henry Thompson, right?  I think it is abandoned upstream.
Does it adhere to the never version of the XSL-FO or XSLT specs?

>(already in Debian) and compiles fine. Due to the poor state of SGML in Debian 
>(the SGML subpolicy in sgml-base has not been updated for a long time), I will 

Well, probably the SGML subpolicy should be just an add-on to the SGML on
Unix guidelines you cite below.

>take a few liberties: the most important will be to add a directory in 
>/usr/lib/sgml for stylesheets (there is none specified in the SGMl subpolicy). 
>It will be named "stylesheet". I'll try to stay close to the proposed standard 
>(<http://www.sgmltools.org/docs/sgml-dir-standard/t0103.html>, see also bug 

Stick closed to standards established by other pkgs as well, i.e., 

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