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Re: netscape status?

> If we can't work out the libc6 netscape problems it would be nice if we could
> get libc5 netscape packages. But I guess I shouldn't whine too much, my own
> packages are languishing until the next break in my work.

Well, there needn't be too much of a rush. I've installed it and am using it,
and while it works _way_ better than the libc6 binary -- java actually starts,
it still has a tendency to randomly freeze every few minutes and start
consuming all of the machine's memory (128M) and swap periodically.

This would be a completely different set of libc and libg++ libraries, and i
think compiled by a different compiler, so it's either a real bug in xlib, not
just a compiler optimization, or a kernel issue. This really sucks.


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