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Re: netscape status?

Le Sun, Jun 13, 1999 at 06:12:31PM +0300, Alex Shnitman écrivit:
> Mine never crashes on Java, but it does crash quite often when I close 
> one of several open Netscape windows. <sigh> problems are the hardest
> to find when they are so random and irreproducible.

I'm still using hamm, and had some problems with Netscape ( but not as frequently as some of you) with the "bus error" when the following circumstances occured :
1°) I try to close a window when Netscape is still waiting after some communication ( this happens when the stream is very slow);
2°) By a curious shortcut when I'm disconnected and select on a web-page a link mailto to *my* address.

For me, it's a problem with "connection", perhaps PPP ( for me it's on a serial port ; and for the other ones ?).

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