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Re: ITP: xslj, a XSL processor (XSL is one of the stylesheet format of XML)

On Sunday 13 June 1999, at 12 h 43, 
Bart Schuller <schuller@lunatech.com> wrote:

> Isn't xslj literally years behind on the current XSL working drafts? If
> so, it would just cause confusion to package it.

I must confess I am not an expert on XML matters. I'm currently 
learning/evaluating it and I simply cannot reply to your question. If someone 
more knowledgeable in XML/XSL wants to give authoritative information?

As far as I know, there is currently no XSL processor at all in Debian 
(non-XML people will be happy to learn that there are at least three proposed 
standards for stylesheets in XML, with no clear winner, so this lack is not an 
obvious problem).

xslj has two huge strengths: it works today and it's free ("free as in free 
speech, not as in free beer").
> It would be better to package XT and FOP.

XT has nothing to do with XSL, as far as I understand. FOP outputs only 
Adobe's PDF. And it is apparently non-free: there is not even source code, 
only a Jar file.


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