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RSAREF module for GnuPG

Hi all!

In order to allow the legal use of GPG and RSA in the United States I have
created a RSAREF module for GPG. It performs the same function as the
existing rsa module except that it is slower, is limited in key size
and cannot generate new keys :> Aside from that it is legal for use in the

It is my understanding that this module can be distributed in both source
and compiled form since it does not require any part of GPG to compile
[same deal as the rsa module] and it was built from scratch without
incorperating any GPL'd code -- if I am mistaken then please let me know!

It can be retrived from http://non-us.debian.org/~jgg/rsaref.c Compilation
instructions are at the top of the header (the machine is in the
Neatherlands, and I am in Canada so there are no export regulation
problems for anybody)

Please test it out, if it works sucessfully it will allow us to switch to
GPG for Debian related signature checking!


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