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Re: html2ps

Lalo Martins <lalo@webcom.com> wrote:

> Otherwise it should probably be removed from the archive, since it's
> not stable enought to be useful by itself as is IMHO (last version
> is a Beta).

I don't see where the problem is (no I didn't read the mentioned bug
report), this program works quite good for me. So I don't like to hear 
that it should be removed. Sorry, I don't have the time nor the Perl
knowledge to take this over myself.

> And one thing the upstream maintainer should probably think about
> (or the new upstream maintainer) is some DSC conformance; html2ps
> output can't be filtered trough psnup, psselect, pstops, mpage or
> anything like this.

And you may want to read the manual:
       -D --DSC
              Generate DSC compliant  PostScript.  This  requires
              Ghostscript  and  can  take  quite some time to do.
              Note that a PostScript  file  generated  with  this
              option  cannot  be  used  as  input  to html2ps for
              reformatting later.

But don't ask me, why this isn't activated by default...



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