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Re: KerberosV

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Richard A Nelson wrote:

> I've not seen all of this thread (being deprived of email at work for a
> a fair bit), but IMNSHO, the ideal solution would be to create/find a
> PAM module for KerberosV - *AND* making sure that the desired apps 
> are PAMified...
> After all, PAM is a release goal, and work done this way for KerberosV
> will also aid those that want the same functionality for LDAP, SMB, or
> any other form of authentication 

I have a (development) Krb4 PAM module in my home directory and am meaing
to get round to testing it and perhaps extending it to Krb5.  It is not a
small project so am trying to muster the enthusiasm.



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