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Debian Weekly News - June 8th, 1999

Debian Weekly News 
Debian Weekly News - June 8th, 1999
Welcome Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer

The logo results are in: The [8]Swirl logo is the winner. It's first
appearance: gracing a rather nice [9]banner ad at the top of
[10]themes.org. Even a [11]Window Maker theme based on the logo and
[12]scalable postscript versions of the logo are available now. But
this saga isn't over yet: a [13]proposal has been made to switch the
official and liberal use logos.

The security team is [14]working on a new site,
[15]security.debian.org where they can upload security fixes
immediately without waiting on the maintainer or even for a dinstall
and mirror run. This should get important fixes out ASAP. One such fix
is a [16]new version of ipopd that fixes a remote shell hole.

SPI is now an official US non-profit organization. Donations to SPI
are now [17]tax-deductible.

With the latest version of dpkg ( to hit the archive, it's
finally possible to list fixed bugs in the changelog and have them
automatically closed by dinstall. No more mailing bugs.debian.org

Here's an interesting twist - an [18]offer has been made on the
[19]Free Software Bazaar for some enhancements to apt's download
methods. Complete the modifications and get 50 Euro.

Mozilla M6 has been debianized. This is particularly good news on the
debian-alpha platform, which has a fairly well working graphical web
browser for the [20]first time.

[21]Linux Laptops is a new hardware company that sells laptops
preloaded. They [22]put Debian on all their systems. "We chose Debian
for several reasons. The most important is that it has earned its
reputation as the most reliable distribution."

Corel now has a [23]FAQ which explains why they chose Debian: "Debian
has a solid charter, a strong worldwide developer base and a thorough
testing period. These three factors have contributed to the most
comprehensive and cleanest code that provides Corel and its customers
with the most robust operating system."

Quite a few opportunities to meet fellow Debianites are coming up:
  * A Debian BOF has been [24]organized at Usenix. It's this Thursday
    at 7.
  * On June 15th, the [25]Bay Area Linux User's Group will hold a
    Benefit Dinner for Debian. Linus Torvalds is the speaker, and VA
    Linux Systems and LinuxCare are [26]contributing $10 to Debian for
    each person who attends. There will also be a sizable number of
    developers present.
  * There will be a [27]gathering of developers including the Project
    Leader during the Paris Linux Expo on the 17th or 18th.
New packages added to Debian this week include the following and
[28]29 more:
  * [29]gsfonts-x11: Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11
  * [30]knfs: Kernel NFS Server Tools
  * [31]stalin: An extremely aggressive Scheme compiler
  * [32]theme-converters: Convert WindowMaker/GTK+ theme packages to
Followups to last week's news:
  * In marked contrast to last week's gloomy discussion of Debian at
    expos, check out [33]this sweet deal from LinuxWorld Expo. They're
    providing Debian with a free booth and all the trimmings, in a
    ".org pavilion [...] that will be designated as an area to foster
    the open style that the Linux Community stands for. Ideas will be
    shared, video games will be played, lounging will be on couches,
    and snacks will be enjoyed."
Thanks to Katsura S. Yoshio and Christian Meder for [34]contributing.

Closing with a personal note -- DWN is late this week and will
probably be late next week because I'm moving. The good news is that
VA Linux Systems has hired me and Sean Perry to work on Debian full
time, [35]details here.

To receive this newsletter weekly in your mailbox, [36]subscribe to
the debian-news mailing list.

[37]Back issues of this newsletter are available.
Debian Weekly News is edited by [38]Joey Hess.

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