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Re: GNU Mailutils package

Bonjour M. Wichert Akkerman

> Previously Alain Magloire wrote:
> > Many thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a closer look at them
> > during the summer.  Do you feel there is one that should be a must
> > for GNU mailutils package ?
> Some standard tools such as MIME encoders/decoders (mpack,mime-construct
> and mimedecode) should at least be in there. Maybe uuencode and uudecode
> should be in mailtools as well?=20

Somebody mention that uu{en,de}code was part of sharutils.  Sharutils
was done by Francois Pinard et now maitain by Drepper not sure.
But maybe I'll talk to them to move it out of sharutils to GNU mailutils.


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