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Re: Ideas for pppconfig

On debian-devel, John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> wrote:
> Well, it is in Perl, of course.  That allowed me to do away with the tags
> in the provider files: they can contain anything that pppd will accept.  It
> also allowed me to get rid of the "shadow" chatscripts, but at the price of
> putting tags in the chatscripts.

Cool. If it is in perl, how is the interface done? Is there whiptail for perl
or is it using the perl curses package? Would multiple interfaces including a
graphical (X) one make sense, or is the plan to stick to the console?

> Maybe ask for the phone number first and try to match it to an ISP?  If
> that fails ask the name of the ISP and look it up, and if that fails offer
> a list?

I worked at Compuserve for 4 days once. There standard number was an
0845 number, a national charged at local rate. The software would go like
this. `Enter your telephone area code', anything but 0845 made it say, `Sorry
no number in your area, try one of these', and only the one 0845 number was
listed. Well it was a pointless question. The US software had been changed
only slightly for UK consumption.

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