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Re: dpkg --compare-versions

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 10:30:41AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 06:28:36PM -0500, Michael Merten wrote:
> > delete sharutils_1%3a4.2-10_i386.deb keep sharutils_4.2-9.deb
> > The line for sharutils seems to indicate that the newer version will
> > be deleted.  dpkg -s sharutils says I have version 1:4.2-10 installed, 
> > so it would seem to have worked right atleast once...
> looks like apt is saving the URL-encoded form of the filename.
> %3a is character 0x3a, or ":".
> i.e. "sharutils_1%3a4.2-10_i386.deb" is sharutils version 1:4.2-10
> maybe you should convert it back by using sed in the pipeline:
> e.g.
> 	v1= ... | sed -e 's/\%3a/:/g' | ....
> 	v2= ... | sed -e 's/\%3a/:/g' | ....
> craig
Thanks... I knew I was missing something :)


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