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Re: Speed comparison: KDE vs. GNOME

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Brimhall, GeoffreyX L wrote:
> The KDE "feels" much faster than GNOME - in particular the control center.

The Gnome control center is made up of a bunch of separate processes,
so it takes time to launch each panel. I don't know how the KDE one works.

> Could the reasons for this be due to underlying speed differences between Qt
> and Gtk ? How about Mico vs. Orbit ?

Million possible reasons you have this sense. Are you using the Gtk
default theme or one of the pixmap themes? You can probably tell the
difference. Is your Gtk/Gnome compiled with debugging checks turned on?
This causes slowdowns; I haven't checked with the recent Debian packages
but they were compiled with debug checks for a while. Does your Gnome have
sound enabled? Gnome can be slow to figure out what's going on if you have
a bad sound card or none at all.  Are you using Enlightenment with a wild
theme? That will chew memory and slow things down quite a bit. Switch to
icewm or windowmaker.

Qt and Gtk are almost certainly comparable in speed (unless you are using
a funky theme); the bottleneck here is X and the connection between the
toolkit and X. There are no noticeable delays in Gtk on my machines.

ORBit is a lot faster than MICO, but the ORBs aren't typically used in a
speed-sensitive situation anyway so as a user you probably won't notice.

There's really no sensible way to compare "Gnome" vs "KDE" in terms of
speed; neither is inherently fast or slow. It has to do with how many apps
you're running, the window manager, and exactly how particular apps are


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