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Re: newbie comments on editor choice

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Doug Weimer <weim0404@kettering.edu> writes:

>   I have heard similar comments to "I doubt I ever take the time to learn
>vi" and it concerns me that many people are missing out on an excellent
>editor.  vi is one of the most powerful editors I have ever used, ranging
>from full document substitutions to deleting every blank line with one simple
>command. If you take few minutes to give vi a chance you will soon be able to
>do complex editing very quickly.

    Uhm, Doug, your point?  vi isn't the only "powerful" editor out there.
Let's see, full document substitutions.
Joe: ^KF, foo, r(eplace), bar, CR
vi: <ESC>:%s/foo/bar/g (this is simple?)

    Oh, a challenge, removing all blank lines...
Joe: ^KF, \n\n, r, \n, CR

    Wow, that was, I mean, whoa.  That was hard, Doug.  Damn, I'm glad that
there is vi with its modal interface, really cryptic syntax and no
documentation or prompting to help me out.  I mean, geez, a whole 10
keyrstrokes in joe.  Wait, that makes me wonder, the way I'd to it in vi.


    12 keystrokes.  Hmmm, but I might be doing that wrong, I'm sure there is
better way.  

    Get off it, Doug, people use different editors for different reasons.
When you get into the feature set of Emacs, Joe, (el|n)vi(s|m), the feature
set between them is identical.  Don't try to dazzle someone else with the
"power" of your editor.

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