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Re: PROPOSAL: automatic installation and configuration

> The moral is: one needs a method to keep all those configuration files and
> distribute them. Now, what's the point of storing the answers to the
> question, if we already store the resulting config files. 
> So instead of getting answers to a bunch of questions we should just pull
> precreated config file. And instead of inventing methods for asking those
> questions, one better invent a reasonably universal solution for keeping
> and retrieving at appropriate moments the config files for a site. So that
> sysadmins don't have to reinvent the wheel in each case.

Good point. A package could skip the configuration step if a config file is
already installed. This could avoid most of the configuration questions.
But also this behavior should be enforced by policy and postinst scripts
modified. We should also introduce a general way of installing precreated
config files. 

This still leaves out packages which don't have configs already installed or
which ask other information or depend on configuration of other packages.
So we still need a getconfig API.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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