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First message on SecureLinux mailing list (was: Fw: Welcome)


Here is the first message I've seen coming across the SecureLinux
mailing list.  I though this should interest the Debian project.

Let's just not overwhelm them with the sheer size of the distribution
(I'm actually reffering to the number of developers, not the packages
:) and remember that their main focus is a bit different than



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Hello all,

The mailinglist for the securelinux distribution should be  up and
running. All people who have stated their interest in the last few days
have been autosubscribed.

Posting messages to the list is done by sending them to:


My name is Arthur Donkers and I'm the guy who is employing Rik to
participate in developing this dsitribution (among other things). A few
people already asked whether the securelinux distribution should be based
on an available distribution or should we develop our own ? IMHO one of 
the main reasons for choosing an available distribution lies in the fact
that it has (should have ?) a package manager available. Especially for a
security oriented system, updates and patches (let's not call them Service
Packs and Hotfixes ;) should be manageable in an easy and reliable way.

I do feel a lot of sympathy for the Debian chassis for this purpose. They
are the only independent distribution currently available.

Happy Linuxing,

Arthur Donkers

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