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Re: ITP: ggv

On debian-devel, Steve Haslam <araqnid@debian.org> wrote:
> ggv is a GNOME Postscript/PDF viewer, a GNOME version of gv if you
> will. It uses ghostscript as the backend parser.
> ggv is available from the GNOME CVS repository or the GNOME FTP
> mirrors, and is GNU GPL copyright.
> ggv will provide the virtual packages "postscript-viewer" and "pdf-viewer".

Warning: Possible name space collision.

I think there was a version of zgv for ggi called ggv. Fortunately it has not
yet been packaged for Debian, so no problems at the moment. But if/when it is
packaged there may be problems. Just thought I would people aware of this

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