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cvs-inject vs. orig.tar.gz

I finally got around to put the cron package under cvs, using the
modified cvs-inject that took previous releases and added them to cvs.
The only problem is that when it created the vendor branch, it used the
the current date, rather than the file dates, which means that the new
.orig.tar.gz file created by cvs-buildpackage no longer matches the
original .tar.gz file. Likewise, the md5sum is different.

I found the '-d' option for import, which will preserve the date.
However, re-importing all the files into the vendor branch doesn't
actually do anything, because CVS doesn't consider the different date a
real difference (which makes sense).

Is there a way to get cvs to reset the dates on the vendor branch? Or am
I going to have to blow away the repository and redo the injections if
I want to get back to the old dates? Or should I just not worry about
it and upload a new .orig.tar.gz file?

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