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Re: request to package: FPC

On Fri, May 28, 1999 at 04:31:04PM +0200, Balazs Scheidler wrote:
> I am in touch of the developers of FPC aka Free Pascal Compiler. They (or
> we) would like to see this great compiler among the packages of Debian. FYI:
> FPC is aiming towards Delphi/BP compatibility, supports x86, m68k
> processors, and is not far away from the 1.0 version.
> FPC includes the debian control files, so only a formal developer is needed,
> much of the work has already been done.

I'm working on this...

Except what I'm looking at here doesn't include the debian directory.  I
tried to get their packages in fact and couldn't do so.  I just grabbed
their source rpm and figured I'd rpm2cpio it later.  If you've got
something better please let me know where to get it.  =>

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