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Re: Indent to package: libxforms-perl (XForms4Perl)

Klaus Kettner wrote:

> i indent to package XForms4Perl [1], a nice extension to Perl that
> allows to call the Xforms [2] GUI api from a standard Perl script. 
> The package will contain a modification of the original GUI-builder 
> fdesign (a converter) to build a GUI and to generate ready-to-go 
> Perl-programms.

Cool.  I read about it (in LJ?) and promised myself to try it, as
I code Perl but not C.  I'm looking forward to this package.
> XForms4Perl is GPL'ed, but XForms by itself is GPL'ed, so the new 
> package libxforms-perl will be in non-free.

Does this link to XForms?  If so, shouldn't it be GPL + exception
clause, otherwise it's an invalid license?

(This is a can of worms.  I don't agree with this interpretation,
neither do lots of people, yet I have bug reports against some of
my XForms-linked packages for that very reason.  I'm just trying
to spare you trouble down the road.)


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