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Intent to package ncurses-hexedit

   I intend to package ncurses hexedit.  It's a binary file/disk hex
editor using the curses library.  By default, the binary built is called
hexedit, but since that conflicts with the hexedit package, I made it
hexeditor.  It's released as free software under the GNU GPL.  

    Description: Edit files/disks in hex, ASCII and EBCDIC
  Hexedit is a file editor which allows editing and viewing a file in
  hexadecimal, along with it's ASCII or EBCDIC text equivalent.  Standard
  editing features include insert, delete, search (text or byte searches),
  highlighted changes,  undo, two different viewing formats, and full
  screen text snapshots.  Allows editing of fixed disks as well.  Includes
  a binary/octal/decimal/hex converter.


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