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Re: ITP: fakedate

On Tue, 25 May, 1999, Russell Coker wrote:
> I intend to release a package of a little library I'm working on called
> "fakedate".  This will wrap the time() system call and make applications think
> that they are running on a different date.  This is designed to be used for
> year 2000 testing but could be used for many other situations (EG if the system
> clock is inaccurate and you're not the sys-admin then you could give your email
> program the correct idea of the time).

Or a clever wrapper for shareware style trial packages for linux that stop
working after a certian time. I don't think there are any yet, but when linux
is popular there will be.

And yes, I know it is the wrong thing to do, and yes I know running time
limited shareware is the wrong thing to do, but it was just an idea.

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