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Re: Intent to package GNU Philosophy web pages

Another thought, here is the current doc-base file:

Document: gnu-philosophy
Title: Philosophy of the GNU Project
Author: Richard M. Stallman, Georg C. F. Greve, Tom Hull, Kragen Sitaker, Loyd 
 Fueston, Michael Stutz, Bjørn Remseth, and others
Abstract: Ideas about free software, and the reasons behind it. Adapted from the
 philosophy section of the GNU web site. Includes texts: About Free Software, 
 About the GNU project,  Licensing Free Software, Laws, Terminology and 
 Definitions, GIFs, Motivation, Speeches, Third Party Ideas, Translations of 
 these documents.
Section: debian

Format: HTML
Index: /usr/doc/gnu-philosophy/html/philosophy/philosophy.html
Files: /usr/doc/gnu-philosophy/html/philosophy/*.html

In my opinion the section should not be debian, but none of the other section
appear to be the right one, where should it go?

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