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RE: why one rescue & boot disk? (was Re: An 'ae' testimony)

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Sent: Monday, May 24, 1999 11:42 AM
To: Mark Blunier
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Subject: Re: why one rescue & boot disk? (was Re: An 'ae' testimony)

Mark Blunier <blunier@ocslink.com> writes:

> My latest recovey floppy is not a floppy at all, but a bootable CD,
> that runs root the root fs in a ram disk, and then links back to the
> CD which is a complete copy of a working debian image.  This gives
> me vi, emacs, X, copies of all the library files, and anything I'd
> might need to repair something thats broke.

: superb, IMHO that's called a Live-CD. Would it be possible to
: integrate the creation stuff into the debian-cd script? It would be
: really nice if people can test Debian on a CD-ROM first.

And it would be triply cool if you could front end it with a small kernel
selector, to pick a kernel that supports your hardware.  The current kernels
are pretty good, but there are a couple of choices.  Then it could be a
generic rescue CD.

And by the way, why isn't this a package ?  At least the iso-image
generation part of it if the cd image is too big (I would think it is).
Share the wealth, this sounds like a really, really nice tool.

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