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Problems with setserial and pcmcia

I am getting some reports that the new setserial 2.15-3 interferes
with pcmcia cardservices. It would appear that setserial runs first,
and initialises the pcmcia card for serial use. This is fine unless the
card is a combo modem/ethernet card, in which case the ethernet part
of the card is not initialised by cardservices.

The bugno is 38131. Could someone more knowledgable than myself think
about this one. I do not have a pcmcia setup, so it is clearly not a
problem for me.

I have changed both setserial code and the way it is started up. Previously
setserial was an /etc/rc.boot, and now it is /etc/init.d script
with rcS, rc0, and rc6 used. I used priority 30 in each directory, as I
need modules (like serial) loaded before use, and need access to modules
and /etc (I may do some writing) on shutdown and halts.

Is this a problem with setserial or with pcmcia??


Gordon Russell
PGP Public Key - http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~gor/pgpkey.txt

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