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Request for package: swatch


I am a member of Debian JP and have maintained swatch-2.2 for Debian JP
but swatch-3.0b1 is released and become Perl-oriented application now.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge about Perl so I can not even make
swatch-3.0b1 and swatch is by no means Japanese application.

So I wish some member will make Debian package of swatch-3.0b1 replacing
my old swatch package of Debian JP.

FYI. swatch is security related application and I heard RedHat has swatch 

Thanks in advance,		1999.5.24

 Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp>
 Department of Math., Tokushima Univ.

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