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Request for Packaging


here are some collected request for programms, which should IMHO be
packaged for Debian:

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What's bjorb?


   Bjorb is secure TCP relay software. Bjorb provides to you secure
   end-to-end connection over insecure network such as Internet.


     * Bjorb relays all 'static port' based TCP communications with SSL protocol.
       Such as SMTP, POP3, NNTP, HTTP, TELNET.
       Not FTP.
     * Bjorb can make a usual telnet server behave like SSL telnet.


    Bjorb itself is free software.

   You can use, modify, and redistribute for non-commerical and
   commerical purpose in most case. Read COPYRIGHT file for more

    Bjorb uses SSLeay library.

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PGP Moose / by Greg Rose <ggr@usenix.org>

The aim of this software is to monitor the news
postings of moderators of USENET newsgroups, and to
automatically cancel forged messages purporting to
be approved.  This can be extended to the approvals
of individual users to automatically cancel messages
that appear without having been authorised by the
user. This has (obviously) been prompted by the
recent spammings and other events.

This software and protocol is designed around
cryptographic signatures.  The protocol is designed
to allow the use of different signature techniques.
This implemention assumes the use of PGP signatures,
but can be easily modified to use others, such as
the Digital Signature Standard.  PGP was chosen for
its widespread availability around the world.

PGP, the crux of the cryptographic software, was
written by Phil Zimmermann <prz@acm.org>, who
otherwise has nothing to do with this. The
cryptographic framework was written by Greg Rose
<ggr@usenix.org>, as were the INN news system hooks.

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A frontend to DejaNews (http://www.dejanews.com/), the popular Usenet
archive and search engine. It will submit a search for you to
DejaNews, then retrieve and consolidate all search results into one
single HTML file, sorted in newsgroup, subject and date (reverse)

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mkmf makefile editor (revision 4.11)
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