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LinuxExpo Report, Days 2 and 3


It's me again, this time reporting on Friday and Saturday at

Pictures from Thursday and Friday (including the LinuxBowl with Maddog 
Hall) are online now, at:


I'll be putting the photos from today (Saturday) up as time permits.

Here are the highlights:

 * More questions about "why should I use Debian", "what's different
   about Debian", etc.
 * Shaleh installed Debian on 5-10 laptops during the Expo.
 * I went off and talked to some RedHat, LinuxCare, and other folks.
   Details on this are in other places.
 * Dres "volunteered" me to talk to Linux Radio.  I said a few words
   about free software, our 500 developers, and how our open
   development process and freedom from marketing pressures results
   in higher-quality and more stable distributions.
 * Took some more flak about dselect.
   When somebody tried this with Dres, he'd start maniacally yelling
   We showed a few people how to use dselect, too.
 * The slashdot folks succeeded in shooting us with their nerf gun.
   We succeeded in shooting them with rubber bands.  :-)
 * Got a lot more praise about our distro.
 * The hats that Dres made were 'leet.  Lots of folks wanted them.
   Possibility for future conferences: sell Debian books and aparrel.
 * We showed off apt-gnome to a few folks.
 * SGI folks showed a lot of interest in us, as did LinuxCare.
 * Linux.com looks really nifty, will be supporting us.
 * There was a lot of interest in our non-i386 distros, especially
   Alpha (there were lots of Alpha vendors there) and,  to a slightly
   lesser extent, Sparc.
 * Big thanks to LinuxCentral for for donating CDs.

John Goerzen   Linux, Unix consulting & programming   jgoerzen@complete.org |
Developer, Debian GNU/Linux (Free powerful OS upgrade)       www.debian.org |
Remote from the Debian booth at Linux Expo

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