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Re: glibc2.0-2.1 incompatibility: _xstat?

Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> writes:

>  >Is there a workaround, so that I can continue to use these libraries?
> Write a small shared library providing _xstat and preload it.

I wrote this to do that, unfortunely it wasn't enough for my program
(a program compiled with the Portland Groups' fortran compiler) but
maybe it is for others.

Usage is something like LD_PRELOAD=libxstat.so ./myoldlibcprogram.

;;; xstat.s
;;; cc -c xstat.s
;;; ld -shared -soname libxstat.so.0 -o libxstat.so xstat.o -lc
.globl _xstat
.globl _lxstat
.globl _fxstat
.globl _xmknod

	.weak _xstat
	.weak __xstat

	.weak _lxstat
	.weak __lxstat

	.weak _fxstat
	.weak __fxstat

	.weak _xmknod
	.weak __xmknod

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