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Re: request to kill nag messages

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> No one needs to take on that job, as the BTS already reports all open bugs
> twice a week to every developer. 

I don't get such a report.

> If this was simply a report to the list, once in a while, like the
> "critical bugs that need to be fixed" list, there would be no problem.
> Instead this mail is generated automatically and sent to every developer
> with an open bug report over a certain age.

Why does this mean it's a problem?

> This is not a "person" asking a developer to fix a bug. This is an
> automated system that spits out messages with NO content of use to the
> developer, and adds nothing but bulk to the already functional system.

The person already asked for a fix, and generally deserves a timely
fix.  Why not close the bugs instead of complaining about those that
remind you to?

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