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time to rewrite dpkg

I'm closing this discussion for now. I know what I have in mind, and why C++
is better in this scenario than C. But I don't want to incite any more
flamage; once again I say that I won't be forcing anyone to use this thing.
It's only a personal project, and if anyone wants to use it after I'm
finished, they'll be free to.
	The interoperability subject isn't really a big issue; the base
libraries could still be done in C for all I care, and I may just do so. But
C++ is compatible with C, and as such anything that can be wrapped into C
can be wrapped into C++, or vice versa. In addition, we have CORBA, which is
extremely friendly towards C++ implementations, and much more powerful than
common interop mechanisms with conventional languages such as RPC.

Yes, I see everyone's points. I know what you're saying. I'll keep it in
mind; you've made your arguments. I just would like to see an end to this
fledgling flamefest ;P

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