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Re: mass-installing Debian

On Wed, May 19, 1999 at 09:12:29AM -0700, Dean Carpenter wrote:
> Now during installation, the exim preinst and postinst scripts would
> source the install-response file, creating the variables with the
> responses they need.  At this point, it's just as if they've asked the
> questions and retrieved the user responses.  If a particular response
> variable doesn't exist in the install-response file, the script can
> still prompt just like normal, though this ruins the effect.

Hmm... and, if we run dselect, dpkg, apt-get or whatever it is without any
system-wide configuration script, it could generate a skeleton file with the
user's answers logged. This way we should be able to carefully configure the
first machine, cut away the variable configuration fields from the generated
configuration script, and feed the rest of the machines with it.


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