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Re: weekly policy summary

***** JH => Joey Hess

JH> Let me know if you're finding these useful.

Very useful indeed, thank you.

I'm unsure about how to second formal proposal, I hope this message
will suffice.

JH> Bug:
JH> Title: Patented software == non-free?
JH> Posted: 10 May 99
JH> Proposer: Joseph Carter
JH> Seconders:
JH> Status: discussion
JH> Description:
JH>   Amend policy 2.1.4 to remove reference to patents as something that may
JH>   place software in non-free.

I second this proposal.

JH> Bug: 37251
JH> Title: software depending on non-US
JH> Posted: 06 May 1999
JH> Proposer: Marco d'Itri
JH> Seconders: Gordon Matzigkeit, Joseph Carter, Chris Waters
JH> Status: discussion
JH> Description:
JH>   Proposal to allow software that depends on software in non-us into main
JH>   (currently restricted to contrib).

I second this proposal.


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