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Two sets of packages for slink and potato. How to version?

[Please Cc: me when replying, I have difficulties reading debian-devel at this 
time - but I'll try.]

I want to setup an apt-compatible directory of my Biology packages 
<http://www.pasteur.fr/units/sis/debian/biology-en.html>, so that users can 
use apt to install them, without waiting the release of potato (where they 
will appear officially, at least for those who are in "main"). The problem is 
that I want the packages to be installable on slink, without forcing the users 
to live with the glibc 2.1 mess.

I planned to have two directories, something like:

deb ftp://ftp.pasteur.fr/Debian/Biology stable
deb ftp://ftp.pasteur.fr/Debian/Biology unstable

with two sets of packages, for slink (glibc 2.0) and potato (glibc 2.1).

The problem is the versioning. How to choose the version numbers in the two 
sets so that users will automatically get the potato package when they will 
choose to replace 'stable' by 'unstable' (or when potato will become stable).

I've read <http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/packaging.html/ch-versio
ns.html>. Should I choose an epoch of 1 for all the potato packages?


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