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Re: jdk not working in potato, working jdk removed from incoming, license problem

On Mon, 17 May 1999, Seth M. Landsman wrote:

> 	What is wrong with distributing an installation package like is
> done with netscape and realaudio?

Hrm. You know, that didn't occur to me. As long as it contains NOTHING of
JDK, that's good. :)
> 	For the record, kaffe is *NOT* as good as the blackdown JDK.  I
> have used both, and, as it is, kaffe crashes before my research system
> loads, yet the blackdown jdk works flawlessly.

Well, I can't say I've used Kaffe, so whatever works for you(tm). It's
GPL'd, which is better than JDK currently. ;P


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