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Offering the ghostscipt packages for addoption


recently i have started a new job and i have to work harder than
expected and to travel a lot. So, i am not able to mantain my Debian
packages in a satisfactory way, and the number of open bugs is
growing... This is true in particular for the ghostscript
(GS) packages. So, i am quite sorry, but i have to offer the following
packages for addoption:

- gs
- gs-aladdin
- gs-fonts
- gs-fonts-other

I would like to remark that ghostscript (the postscript interpreter
and previewer by Alan P. Deutsch) is a very good piece of software, and
that the upstream support is very good (see
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/index.html).  Moreover, the maintenance
of these packages is very stimulating: there are a lot of users that
give interesting feedback and suggestions.

The only problem is that gs-aladdin is not distributed under a 
DSFG-free licensei, so perhaps these packages are not OK for
free software "purists". (New versions of ghostscript are released 
under the aladdin license, that allows for free usage, but that restricts
copying, distribution and modification. After one year,
the new versions are re-distributed under GPL).

Thank you,

Marco Pistore


Marco Pistore
ITC-IRST                              phone: +39 0461 314 334
Via Sommarive 18                      fax  : +39 0461 314 591
38050 Povo (Trento), ITALY            email: pistore@irst.itc.it

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