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Re: Release Plans (1999-05-10)

> This is quite different.  David said he wanted MAJOR packages
> included in the updates (e.g. X).  You said you agreed, yet you
> talked of _only_ minor apps being upgraded.
> I be happier seeing a new X in proposed-updates if it's package
> maintainer were happier with it than the one currently in stable.

I meant I agreed with the general idea.  I too would like to see major
packages (X) make it in, but I am not self contradictory. the X (in this 
case) is a minor version upgrade.  If xfree 4.0 was out would you want
that put in stable?
No. it would go in unstable till the next major release.

Hence minor kernel upgrades may be able to go in minor updates, but the
2.0 -> 2.2 jump would have waited till a major release.

This is sort of a two teir release system.  Base system and libraries at
the major release level (except minor upgrades to them that don't break
stuff) and non-critical suff at the minor release level (a bad window
manager does not render my computer unusable).

The advantage to this scheme is there is not a rush to get stuff in
frozen.  You know another minor release will be out in just a couple
months.  Also, minor upgrades would then be small (depending on how much
of what is upgraded ou have installed) and would be known to be mostly
safe (and easy to back out).

Andrew Lenharth

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