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Intent to package: reportbug

"reportbug" is basically a complete rewrite of "bug" in Python,
hopefully bypassing all of the former's bugs (no doubt creating some
more, however).

Useful features:

* Architecture pseudo-header in system information.
* You can include text files in your bug report automagically.
* Configurable CC/BCC.
* Set severity levels from the command line or in your editor.
* Version for virtual packages is the date of the report (YYYY/MM/DD)

Every documented feature of "bug" should work.  The only exception is
the "type your bug report on the command line" feature, which doesn't
appear to have worked in the original anyway.  I've also included a
lot of wishlist items from the original bug command (as enumerated
above) and avoided most of the whoppers documented therein.

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