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Re: Debian coding style?

In article <7h3kih$qho$1@washu.furryterror.org>,
Zygo Blaxell <uwd38znr@umail.furryterror.org> wrote:

Hmmm...somehow I dropped this text about checking things into a source 

	Many open-source projects do have public CVS repositories but
	generally do not liberally hand out write access to them. To
	submit code to an open-source project is therefore not a matter
	of checking in code via a source-code control system, but rather
	a matter of forming a 'patch' and sending it via email to the
	project's maintainers or to some mailing list. Each project
	has its own policy about accepting contributions; you will
	be expected to discover what that policy is and follow it in
	addition to any guidelines set by your team within Corel.

We (the Corel Wine people) do internal peer reviews before submitting
patches, and obligate each developer to develop code for both our
internal code base and the external Wine one in parallel.  We keep this
task feasible by keeping the two code bases within a few Klines of diff
of each other.  So a developer writes some code and commits it to our
internal CVS server, then does it all again for the very similar Wine

I'm probably going to write the second part of my proposed "Corel Wine
guidelines" document tomorrow or Monday.  The first part was "this is
what is wrong with the existing documents", the second part will be "this
is what you should be doing that isn't listed in any other documents."

Right now, brain right working more quite not any.  Sleep must I.  :-)
Zygo Blaxell, Linux Engineer, Corel Corporation.  zygob@corel.ca (work) or
zblaxell@furryterror.org (play).  Corel may disagree with my opinion (above).
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