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Re: Debian coding style?

Interesting question, thanks for taking the time to ask us this.  1) Debian
project gratefully accepts what code it gets.  Naturally, being 500
developers strong, we all have our own tastes in coding styles.  As long as
your code is readable, WE will be happy.  2) Personally, the only objection
I have is with hungarian style notation for variables.  I recommend reading
Rob Pikes latest book on the essentials of programming style to see what
"classical style" variable names look like.  Those are the easiest to read
for everyone, if you do your declarations right and don't hide them all over
the place.


On 7 May 1999, Amy Fong wrote:

> Query, is there actually a coding style guideline for debian stuph?
> Basically I'm with the Corel Linux group and this is what the Corel
> Linux Coding guidelines say... (follows). A few note-worthy ones are:
> 	- tabs: 2 spaces

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